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Frequently Asked Questions (with answers) about planning a vacation to Costa Rica:

Are there more things to do in Jaco Costa Rica than going to the beach?

Hard Yes. There are many fun vacation things to do in Jaco including exceptional adventure tours and excursions, incredible nightlife, a wide variety of restaurants and beach bars, beautiful rental villas with pools and more.

How safe is Jaco Beach Costa Rica?

With some common sense, it can be said that Jaco Beach is very safe and can be enjoyed nearly everywhere at any time. Going to the beach at night is not recommended. It is dark and could be dangerous to swim in the ocean at night.

What is Jaco Costa Rica weather like?

The weather in Costa Rica varies by region. In Jaco, the weather is most often sunny with temperatures around 85°F (30°C) during the day, and a few degrees cooler at night.

The rainy season in Costa Rica also varies depending on region. In the Jaco Beach area, we tend see almost no rain from December to April, then some showers and rain storms from May to September, and then it rains most often from September until late November. There can be heavy rain at times, but no monsoons. Even during the rainiest of days, we often see at least some sun, with temperatures in the 70s (mid 20s celcius).

Where should a bachelor party stay in Costa Rica?

Without any doubt or competition Jaco Beach is the best place in Costa Rica for a bachelor party. Some of the other beach towns are cute but sleepy and have very little party. San Jose has a couple of cool clubs but everything is really spread out, a little sketchy, and not much else to do.

Where is the party in Jaco Costa Rica?

If you're looking for the best straight up dance club then Republik Lounge is the hottest party spot in Jaco. It is a great place for a group of friends to get a VIP table with bottle service or just to order a few beers at the bar. The best casino in Jaco is the Cocal and has plenty of party there too. There are also some cool small bars in town and on the beach that are great for happy hour and sunset drinks.

Do I need a Passport or Visa to enter Costa Rica?

As a vacationing American, British, Canadian or European citizen, a valid passport (with at least six months remaining before expiry) is required to enter Costa Rica, but a visa is not necessary. For other nationalities please consult the Costa Rica government web site.

Is any vaccination or immunization required or suggested for travelling to Costa Rica?

No, not necessary.

What is the easiest and best way to arrive in Jaco from the airport?

Flying into San Jose Airport (SJO) and then having us pick you up and drive you to Jaco in the comfort of an air conditioned private bus.

How long is the drive from San Jose Airport to Jaco?

Depending on traffic, and how long we stop for on the way, between 1 hour 15 minutes and 2 hours.

Is Jaco safe at night?

Yes. Generally speaking, most anyone would feel safe to walk along the main strip at night. There are police officers patrolling the main streets and private security guards on most private property - there is a police station on the beach road near the center of town.
Commonly used US dollars and Costa Rica Colones

What currency of money is most commonly used in Costa Rica?

US Dollars and Costa Rican Colones are both widely used and accepted. It is advantageous to have both on hand - depending on circumstances.

Are ATM's available? Can I use Credit Cards?

There are several ATM machines located throughout Jaco but only a few of them dispense your choice of local colones or US dollars. Credit cards are widely accepted (but not everywhere). There are also a couple of exchange places and regular banks on the main strip.

Do I need to speak Spanish to get by in Jaco?

Many locals have learned to speak some English, but of course some basic Spanish at your end would help... and then there may be some cases where hand signals and elaborate gestures are the only way to communicate.
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Can I use my cell phone while in Costa Rica?

Some providers offer roaming features that work in Costa Rica, others do not. It is best to check with your cell phone company for rates and availability.

Can I use my laptop in Costa Rica? What kind of plugs and voltage are used?

Electrical outlets throughout Costa Rica are 110v just like in the U.S. or Canada.

Is WiFi available in Jaco’s Restaurants & Bars?

Free WiFi hot spots have become common in Jaco and is available in many bars and restaurants.

What are the beaches like?

Jaco's beach is nearly 3 miles long. Most of the beach is sandy with a few rocky patches. The surf and undertow are moderate most of the year. At high tide you will see many surfers riding the waves. Other beaches in the area are Playa Herradura to the north, and Playa Hermosa to the south, both of which are a 15 minute drive away.

What should I pack?

It's hot in Jaco during the day. Be sure to pack flip flops, shorts and loose clothing. You may also want sun block and insect repellant. Nights are slightly cooler. Most restaurants and clubs are casual - but some people like to dress up. Other essentials include a camera, a copy of your driver's license and passport, sunglasses, comfortable shoes, hiking boots and a pair of jeans. Although there are several pharmacies in the area we suggest packing all prescription meds you might need during your stay.
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What is Jaco's nightlife like?

Jaco used to be a sleepy surf town but has since grown to a large beach town now boasting stylish VIP Lounges with bottle service, Dance Clubs that are open until morning, Beach Bars and Rock Bars - some just feet from the beach with spectacular views, and many others that line up and down the main strip in Jaco center.

Most Clubs and Bars have popular nights and times that are most busy and full of fellow party mongers. When you book with JacoVIP, you will receive a fact sheet and event list that will help guide your specific party needs and desires.

House and Techno / Heavy Metal / Hip Hop / Classic Rock / Salsa / 80s Hits / Reggaeton / Funk and Disco / Live Music or DJ -- Whatever you’re into, there’s a spot in Jaco that is sure to please.

What kind of dining and restaurants are available?

Local Sodas (Costa Rican restaurant) - American Classics - Mexican Food - Sushi - Italian and others. Once again, Jaco has it all. There are a wide variety of restaurants in Jaco, as well as some fantastic alternatives in neighboring beach towns, and so it pays to know where to go. JacoVIP supplies you with everything you need to find your way around town.

Is tap water safe to drink?

We recommend drinking bottled water instead of tap water. Most bars and restaurants use purified water for their ice cubes.
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Are there casinos in Jaco?

Gambling is legal in Costa Rica. The Jaco Beach area has a couple of good casinos for slot machines, roulette and poker.

Texas Hold'Em can be played in a casino most any night of the year.
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