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Group of guys planning a bachelor party

How to plan an EPIC Bachelor Party.

Author: Pete Soma | Updated: July 22, 2022

Although Jaco VIP specializes in Costa Rica bachelor party planning, and creating the most memorable vacation packages in Jaco Beach, this online planning guide applies to any bachelor party location.

Here is a bachelor party planning checklist: ✅

  1. Ask the groom what he wants
  2. Pick the destination
  3. Pick the date range
  4. Invite friends close to groom
  5. Confirm accommodations
  6. Review the budget
  7. Make an itinerary
  8. Book daytime activities
  9. Stock up on food and booze
  10. Use social media carefully
"Planning a bad-ass bachelor party that will be talked about for years to come is traditionally the best man's job."

If the best man is not available, or not up to the task, no problem! Any one of the groom's crew can step in and get it done.

Admittedly, this can be a lot of work to get it right, and so just like hiring an agency or service for planning a wedding, Jaco VIP is here to help you with the details. Read below to get a full list of essential steps with simple explanations to make sure all the details are considered and taken care of.

If you're considering a destination bachelor party (highly recommended), then check out the rest of this website and give us a call! Jaco VIP will guide you through the most awesome Costa Rica bachelor party vacation experience.

Kidnapping the Groom...

Putting a bag over the grooms head and dragging him on to a plane heading to Costa Rica might sound like a great idea when talking about it after several drinks in a bar, (and maybe it could work under the right circumstances), but for the most part there are many details to consider in advance so as to make this a memorable, hassle free trip of a lifetime.

There are LIMITS.

Even though a few of the single guys in the group would be willing to take the party to its extreme limits, the groom and/or others may not share the same appetite for partying.

guy with moustache and finger in the air
"The groom will have his limits. Find out what they are. It's a good idea to know in advance who's in for what."

VIP services.

Heading out to bars and clubs is a must, at least for one night. Set up bottle service and a VIP table in advance. Ideally, have a host or concierge with you, or at least someone trustworthy from the area who is available to take your calls. On one of the nights hire a chef to make your group a meal fit for kings. Set up a pool party with a DJ. Get massages. Hire a private driver.

Pick the Destination.

A Bachelor Party Destination Vacation is the way to go. One night in your home town is a great option, if that is the only option, but 3 or 4 nights in a foreign country is NEXT LEVEL.

Here at Jaco VIP, we have planned thousands of bachelor party vacation packages, and have hosted tens of thousands of people (mostly Americans and Canadians, with some Europeans) coming to Costa Rica for a group bachelor party and guys trip vacation.

friends and family of the groom on a bachelor party vacation
"We highly recommend Jaco Beach as the best place for a destination bachelor party and vacation in paradise."

There are plenty of things to do in Jaco from outrageous nightlife to incredible daytime activities, tours and excursions.

Other popular destinations for bachelor parties include Bangkok (contact Party Bangkok if you go there), Amsterdam, Las Vegas, and Prague.

Set the date range.

I think its obvious that the traditional idea of having a bachelor party on the night before the wedding is RIDICULOUS! At least a few weeks or months before the wedding would be better. This gives some leeway in case of anything.

"Anything? Like what?" you ask...
Well without getting into any client's personal stuff, we have seen some re-schedules (not often but there have been a few), some for good/pleasant reasons, some not so much, but either way (in case of emergency) the wiggle room to reschedule for a later date is ideal.

Invite friends who are close to the groom.

This will help make things run smoothly. A stick in the mud or a crazy party animal can both bring the party to a quick end. Mixing friends from the office, family, and poker night buddies, might work out fine, but it is important to consult the groom and have some insight into personality types.

DO NOT invite the groom's father, or his father-in-law to be.

OK.. Maybe there are exceptions, but probably not! No matter how cool the bride's dad is, and how much he partied in his day, if the vibe doesn't get weird and uncomfortable during the vacation, it will likely get real awkward when you get back home (and sober).

Confirm your accommodations.

You might be looking to recreate a music video, and / or just chill out by the pool, but either way, your pad and its location are of the utmost importance.

Casa Ponte Bachelor party vacation rental villa and mansion in Jaco Costa Rica
"Now that you know how many will come to the party... Having the right place to hang out, eat, drink, sleep and party is crucial."

You do not want to get stuck in a crappy house or apartment that feels like the owner just moved out yesterday so that you can use it for the weekend (this often happens with AirBnB rentals).

You book a bad-ass pimp mansion on AirBnB or VRBO, then after arriving, you realize that it is the middle of nowhere, far from the action, or worse! The house in a quiet gated family community, with no guests allowed.

Check out the party-friendly vacation rentals that we offer to see some clear examples of what works for a group of guys on a bachelor party trip.

BUDGET is an important consideration.

Not everyone can afford the same level of expense but there are ways to make this work. For example: Most houses have different size bedrooms and beds, some with private bathrooms or TVs, place a value on each bedroom so that those who can afford more get the better bedrooms. Also tours and activities vary in price. Not everyone has to do everything together. This will make the total cost different for each guest.

If you're booking with JacoVIP then don't worry, we will help you figure out the best options with the maximum bang for your buck.

Who is paying? and how to collect...

Occasionally (rarely) one person is paying for the whole thing. Much more often (almost always), everyone (except for the groom) is splitting the bill. Most booking agencies will require one payment and will not let 10 guys use 10 different credit cards.

Using a service like Venmo or PayPal is a great way to collect from each guest. If you're the one using your credit card to book the villa, get everything clear in an email. Ideally everyone should know in advance what they need to pay and what they are getting.

Make an itinerary.

The bachelor party is a given, but there are many ways to party. Talk with all the guests in advance to get an idea of what everyone's expectations are. If you wait until you are all together, or think that you can just go with the flow, you will likely be disappointed. Once everyone arrives to the destination and starts drinking it will become nearly impossible to get organized.

Daytime activities, tours and excursions.

We highly recomend that you take advantage of at least one group adventure tour while you are on vacation. Have a look at the various tours and excursions available at your destination. Narrow down the options and send the info to your crew. Do not wait until after you arrive. Book in advance.

ATV group tour to a waterfall near Jaco
"Ok yes, there will definetely be plenty of drinking, and likely hangovers, but there's got to be more to this vacation celebration than debauchery!"

Food and Booze.

Some vacation rental agencies offer pre-arrival shop and stock service. Good idea to have at least some snacks and beers waiting for you at the villa. Make a reservation at a good restaurant for one nice meal night out. Hire a chef service at your villa. Hire a DJ and Bartender for one afternoon pool party or night in.

Stock up on supplies.

Most things that you will need while on vacation are going to be available wherever your destination. Brand specific personal items and medication might not be so easy to find. You will likely find insect repellant, sun screen, standard medications like Tylenol, and other basics at most grocery stores or pharmacies, but if you need to be taking any prescription medicine, or are alergic to generic food brands, then bring enough with you.

How to recover from a bachelor party.

Well, the party will end, and a return to "reality" is inevitable. The objective is to have fun and create memories, without regrets of missing out on what you should have done, and without dwelling on what you should not have done!

Pictures and sharing.

It would be best to talk about this in the early stages of planning - before arriving to your destination. It all depends on how much debauchery is in the plan, and on what plays out.

Bachelor party chef service and hangover remedy
"Keep in mind that friends and family will want to see something, so make sure to take some facebook friendly photos."

In Conclusion...

Plan and Prepare.
Sounds like a boring task but it is the difference between a bunch of guys arguing about where to go / what to do next, and a bunch of guys talking about the best bachelor party vacation experience in the history of all-time.

No one is getting married?
THAT's OK! Maybe it's time for a re-union, or it's a milestone birthday, or one of the crew got a big job promotion, or maybe someone is getting divorced?! A guys trip for a few days together to do some drinking, fishing, gambling, partying and reminiscing is ALL GOOD.