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PLANNING A BACHELOR PARTY has traditionally been the best man's job. It can be a lot of work to get it right, and so just like a wedding planner, we're here to help with the planning and the details.

KIDNAPPING THE GROOM and dragging him on to a plane heading to Costa Rica might sound like a great idea when talking about it after several drinks in a bar, (and maybe it could work under the right circumstances), but for the most part there are many details to consider in advance in order to make this a memorable, hassle free trip of a lifetime.

THE GROOM WILL HAVE HIS LIMITS. Find out what they are. Even though a few of the single guys in the group would be willing to take the party to it's extreme limits, the groom and others may not share the same appetite for partying. It's a good idea to know who's in for what.

INVITE FRIENDS WHO ARE CLOSE TO THE GROOM, this will help make things run smoothly. A stick in the mud or a crazy party animal can both bring the party to a quick end.

BUDGET IS AN IMPORTANT CONSIDERATION. Not everyone can afford the same level of expense. There are ways to make this work, for example, to pool all your money together and book accordingly. Another possibility is to stay in different hotels (we'll still make sure you're close by to each other). Don't worry, we'll help you figure out the best options with the maximum bang for your buck.

NOW YOU CAN BEGIN TO PLAN OUT what else to do while in Costa Rica. The bachelor party is a given, but there are many ways to party. Talk with all the guests in advance to get an idea of what everyone's expectations are.

THERE ARE A LOT OF ACTIVITIES TO ENJOY IN COSTA RICA. We suggest you take advantage of at least one group adventure tour while you are here. Have a look at the various tours and day trips we offer to help with your planning.

THE FISHING IS INCREDIBLE IN COSTA RICA and compliments a bachelor party more than any other activity. There is also a great golf course in the area as well as many day trips and tour possibilities

GIVE US A CALL OR SEND US AN EMAIL with any question you might have. When you book with JacoVIP, we'll help you to create the perfect bachelor party in Costa Rica.

JACO BEACH, COSTA RICA is without a doubt the best kept secret for bachelor parties in the world. There is always a party going on somewhere in town. When you book with JacoVIP you will have the inside take on where to go and when.

COME TO JACO for your ultimate bachelor party, fishing expedition, surfing vacation or weekend getaway - and when you book with JacoVIP, you will enjoy tropical paradise by day and party like a rock star every night!

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